EnFLAME, QUATTRO, EVO:ERAとこれまでに3枚のアルバムをリリース。



2012年11月 1stAlbum 「EnFLAME」リリース

2014年9月 2ndAlbum 「QUATTRO」リリース

2015年6月 D/L Single 「CALLING」リリース

2015年12月 miro新加入

2016年4月 3rdAlbum 「EVO:ERA」リリース

2016年6月 渋谷TSUTAYA O-WEST ワンマンライブ実施

2016年8月 台湾NO FEAR FES '16 出演

2016年11月 SpritCD「NILA」リリース(w/JAWEYE)

2017年1月 D/L Single 「LET IT DIE -20XX-」リリース

2017年1月 D/L Single 「SENSE OF CRISIS」リリース

2017年7月 全米ツアー22公演実施

2017年8月 国内ツアー10公演実施
2017年11月 全英ツアー10公演実施(w/CRAZY TOWN)

2017年12月 欧州ツアー15公演実施

2018年3月 RIU新加入

2018年6月 インドネシア・ジャカルタ、30万人フェスENNICHI FES出演

2018年7月 コスタリカ・サンホゼ、KAMEN FES出演
2018年8月 ベトナム・ホーチミン、 TOUCH FES出演

2019年1月 KEN新加入

Vocals : KIHIRO 01/25, Blood B, TOKYO
Bass :    MIRO 01/27, Blood O, HOKKAIDO
Guitar:   RIU 09/28, Blood O, HOKKAIDO
Drums : KEN 10/13, Blood O, KANAGAWA


Created in 6/09/2012 by vocalist KIHIRO & drummer KEN’ICHI.
While they seek for their official guitar and bass player, the two “well-experienced” musicians kick off their debut EP and 1st album on the same year followed by a national tour, immediately selling both over 1,000 copies on their release.

In 2013, they join KATSUMI (bass) & SIN (guitar) as an official member which boosted their tour quality, playing Taiwan’s biggest festival FORMOZ FES’13 in August, drawing over 1,000 people in two shows at Jakarta, Indonesia, they also accomplish a single European tour (Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Belgium) including JAPAN EXPO Belgium ’13. 

In 2014, they released their 2nd album followed by another single European tour adding more countries (Poland, Chez, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Belgium) also appearing at JAPAN EXPO France ’14. 

In 2015, they take most of their time on their new album creation. While working for their 3rd album, they welcome MIRO as their new bass player.

In 2016, after releasing their 3rd album and a national tour, again they are called for Taiwan’s NO FEAR Festival ’16. In November, they also released a “split CD album” with their good  friend JAWEYE, expanding their audience. The split CD 6 song album, including 3 new songs from each band.

Now, they are ready to ROCK the world again. 2017, LOKA will first release their New Single "SENSE OF CRISIS" 
Along with it, "LET IT DIE -200XX-", the bonus track for EVO : ERA album which is included as PLAYSTATION4 GAME "LET IT DIE" Soundtrack. 

2018 LOKA proudly welcomes RIU as their official Guitarist. Riu had been there support guitarist since 2017 and traveled the USA tour, CRAZY TOWN U.K. tour & European tour 2018 with LOKA. 

2019 They welcome KEN as their new drummer. 

They now are working on their 4th album and is planned to tour Europe, USA and sections in Asia.